Katana’s interview with Dr. Susan Sklar, a leader in anti-aging and functional medicine.

Today, we will be talking about:

  • A new definition and understanding of toxins in our environment
  • The multiple ways toxins affect our health
  • The role of toxins in disrupting our healthy hormone balance.

Dr. Susan Sklar is a nationally recognized Harvard trained physician who is dedicated to figuring out the root cause of her patients’ symptoms. After traversing the field of conventional OB-GYN and having her own health problems, she found functional medicine which provided her with a personal solution as well as solutions for her patients. She is a fierce health detective who believes that you can age gracefully and feel great while doing so. She utilizes the cutting edge science of functional medicine to support your body to heal itself through diet, lifestyle and appropriate supplementation. She is a certified practitioner of the Bredesen protocol for prevention and reversal of cognitive decline and sees patients at the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine in Long Beach, California.

To learn more about Dr. Susan Sklar go to www.sklarcenter.com


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