Katana’s interview with Founder and President of Women At Risk International, Rebecca McDonald.

Join us as we’ll discuss:

  • What is Human Trafficking?
  • How big of issue is Human Trafficking?
  • What can the public do to prevent Human Trafficking?

Rebecca McDonald, founder and president of Women At Risk, International (WAR) has spent three decades in international, anti-trafficking relief work. As an organization, WAR exists to create circles of protection and hope around at-risk women and children through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects. WAR currently addresses 14 different risk issues and works in over 40 countries, including the United States. Although WAR primarily functions as an aftercare organization, it is also heavily involved in advocacy. Becky is a highly-sought after speaker who travels the world, sharing WAR’s passion with universities, communities, law enforcement, legal and medical societies, embassies and foreign governments and Home Land Security.

To learn more about Rebecca McDonald go to www.warinternational.org


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