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Finding a Higher Frequency

Part of spiritual work involves shifting our energy from lower to higher frequencies. It’s normal to feel oscillation, the swing between a higher and lower state when participating in spiritual work. We also react to other people’s vibrations, the perception of...

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‘Columbus’ gives us space for reflection

“Columbus” (2017). Cast: John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey, Rory Culkin, Michele Forbes, Erin Allegretti. Director: Kogonada. Screenplay: Kogonada. Web site. Trailer. Getting away from it all – even under less-than-ideal conditions – can sometimes work...

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3 Top Entrepreneurial Lessons from Tony Hsieh & Jenn Lim

Working with CEO Tony Hsieh and his valued advisor and Delivering Happiness co-founder Jenn Lim on radical mentoring sessions has been a wild ride, and I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible. One thing that Tony and Jenn shared with me is their list of 10 Lessons Learned that they wish they had figured out earlier on. I’d like to share three of those lessons with you now:

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How are the humans?

We are rounding the corner, coming up on the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter push can be tough on everyone, so now is the perfect time to infuse the office climate and culture with positivity by giving your team some attention. The beginning of the end of the year is ideal for a boost, a preventive shot in the arm or – if they are already struggling – some focused energy on rebuilding the bridges and connections that make high-quality work flow.

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“How to find the ME in the midst of Motherhood” with Randi Zinn

Listen Now as Katana interviews the Founder of Beyond Mom, Randi Zinn. Join us as we’ll discuss: Tips and Tools to find ME time (it doesn't take much to make an impact) Why building your personal foundation (body, mind, community) is KEY to launching any idea. Why...

“Worthiness, Purpose, Passion, and Coaching” with Mat Shaffer

Listen Now as Katana interviews Transformational Coach and Speaker, Mat Shaffer. Join us as we’ll discuss: The wonder of worthiness and how not living your purpose can kill you How passion and purpose are related The power of our beliefs and how to break out of the...

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