Listen Now as Katana interviews the Author of Fear to Flow and Owner of AndriaCorso & Co., a life and leadership coaching firm, Andria Corso.

Andria Corso headshot - 2015Join us as we’ll discuss:

  • How to discern real fear from false fear and know if you’re living in false fear.
  • How to move through fear so it can stop driving your decisions and your life.
  • What it means to live life in the flow and why this is so important to us as individuals and a society.

Andria Corso is an award winning Life and Leadership Coach with 20 years’ experience working with clients to develop leadership skills, develop themselves, advance their careers and businesses, and create whole-life success. She is currently the owner of AndriaCorso & Co., a life, leadership coaching firm specializing in helping individuals reach their highest potential.

Andria is also a bestselling author of Fear to Flow: How to Give Up Your Struggle and Allow Life to Unfold Perfectly. This is her third book and is about how to stop allowing false fears to control you and instead, step into living in the Divine flow of life.

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