Listen Now as Katana interviews Author and publisher, Laurie Harris and former first president and CEO of Save Orchestra Hall, Inc. Paul Ganson.Join us as we’ll discuss:

  • The original Detroit Symphony Orchestra was formed in 1887.
  • It has gone out of business three times, but has come back three times, showing its resilience in the face of economic, demographic, and cultural challenges
  • In many ways, the changing fortunes of the DSO parallel those of the city it has called home for the past 130 years, and a new book seeks to tell the fascinating story of glory, collapse, and renewal


Laurie Harris is an author, editor, and publisher based in the Detroit area. She was the director of the Literary Criticism Series at Gale, where she began both “Shakespearean Criticism” and “Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism.” She was also the editorial director of Omnigraphics, where she began both “Biography Today” and “Biography for Beginners.” Laurie is currently the publisher of Favorable Impressions, which continues to publish “Biography for Beginners” as part of the FactCite database. Her most recent book is “The Great Migration North: 1910-1970.”

Bred and born in Detroit, Paul Ganson, was the first president and CEO of Save Orchestra Hall, Inc., from its beginning  in 1970 until its consolidation with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in 1989.  He retired from the DSO after thirty-five years as assistant principal bassoonist but continues as its historian.

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