Anchors Away!

Anchors Away!


September always seems to be the time when I experience a big desire to get organized. Or as my dear departed Dad would say, to “pull yourself together”. I don’t know if it is the store shelves lined with back-to-school organizers, the deciduous trees shedding leaves they no longer need, or just the passing of the lazy, hazy days of summer, but I always feel a tug.

The onset of fall is also the time when I get eager to check in on where my anchor is set. A dear friend and mentor, Amy Burford, first told me about “checking my anchor” when I was struggling with some resistance in my business. (more…)

PSST… I need a favor.

PSST… I need a favor.

I can hardly believe it has been one year since I sold my home in Los Osos, CA and moved to Sacramento! I’m starting to feel settled in the Sacramento community. I can now get to Trader Joe’s without my GPS, and when someone says, “I’m in South Sac,” I actually know where they are!

I’ve fallen in love with the rivers, the redwoods, the restaurants, and the people – and the quick access to San Jose, Napa, and San Francisco. The easy-to-navigate Sacramento airport gives me great access to travel to East Coast clients and family, and I live less than 5 minutes from my youngest grandson, Khai. There are just so many great perks for me in living here.

Now I’m eager to expand my business relationships in the Sacramento area, as well, and that’s where I could use your help… (more…)

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