How Mentoring Augments the Entrepreneurial Journey

How Mentoring Augments the Entrepreneurial Journey

Bill Gates. Henry Ford. Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. Tony Hsieh.

As entrepreneurs, we find their stories equally inspiring and intimidating. Like every other business owner with a dream, they started at the bottom. So how did they get to the top?  The answer: they had help from people who’d been there before — mentors they trusted to show them the ropes, answer the questions and guide them towards the right decisions. (more…)

3 Top Entrepreneurial Lessons from Tony Hsieh & Jenn Lim

3 Top Entrepreneurial Lessons from Tony Hsieh & Jenn Lim

Working with CEO Tony Hsieh and his valued advisor and Delivering Happiness co-founder Jenn Lim on radical mentoring sessions has been a wild ride, and I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible. One thing that Tony and Jenn shared with me is their list of 10 Lessons Learned that they wish they had figured out earlier on. I’d like to share three of those lessons with you now:


Digital Media Advertising is the New Wild West

Digital Media Advertising is the New Wild West

Mad Men’s Don Draper would hardly recognize the advertising landscape today. The print and television campaigns he specialized in are quickly losing prominence thanks to the growth of digital marketing and social media. It’s probably for the best that Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price aren’t a real agency; their name is a bit too unwieldy to fit in a hashtag. Advertising outfits these days need to be adept crafting their message for a digital market. (more…)

Looking for a Great Way to Build Your List?

Looking for a Great Way to Build Your List?

How would you like to be able to add to your business database and create a win-win-win situation at the same time?

How would you like to be able to do that at no cost to yourself, while giving added value to the people already on your list?

And how would you like to strengthen your relationships with potential joint venture and referral partners at the very same time? (more…)

Are You the Kind of Speaker You Want to Be?

Are You the Kind of Speaker You Want to Be?

When we talk about the fear of public speaking, the first thing that comes to mind is getting up on a stage and giving a formal speech of some kind.

However, there are many other times in the course of business and in our everyday lives that we have to speak in public.

I invite you to take the following assessment, so that you can have a better idea of your actual public speaking comfort level. (more…)

4 Easy Magic Words for a Headline that Gets Your Reader’s Attention

4 Easy Magic Words for a Headline that Gets Your Reader’s Attention

After too many years of school, I finally, painfully learned how to write reports and research papers.

It is the process of regurgitating information.

In truth, you’ve all been tricked, because this kind of writing is only for academia and is so terribly useless in marketing!

After umpteen hours of writing this way, this has likely become your default.  When you don’t know what else to do, you write “about” your subject.  Boring!!

Marketing writing or sometimes known as copy writing, has nothing to do with spewing out information unless it is used strategically to give credence and back up your statements.

Every one of my clients struggles with this.  To be totally transparent,  I can spend hours trying to write a one line title for a tele-class or  a topic title for a speech.  If I ‘m tired or confused,  I immediately go back to information writing and it is BORING!

A good title or topic needs to inspire, connect to the readers emotions, and show the main benefit or outcome they will get.

It means you have to take your academic mind and lock it in a vault.

Here is an example.  Which one do you like better?

1. Learn How to Develop a Marketing Plan and Grow Your Business

2. Discover How to Stand Out from the Pack and Attract the Exact Right Clients

Number one is not incorrect it’s just blah, has no emotional tug, and the outcome is very general.

In truth, people don’t want to learn anything.  Learning sounds like school.  Marketing plan also sounds arduous.  If I even mention that term to my clients, they moan. People don’t want a marketing plan. What they do want is more of the right clients calling them, which is the final outcome.

Here are a four magic words I learned many years ago, that when used in your copy, will connect with your potential clients. They remove barriers between you and them!

Discover – My favorite word and so much better than learn! It gives an instant eureka feeling.

Easy or Simple –  In today’s world of overload this is a refreshing concept.

You-  Using this one three letter word will make people feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Proven – Great word because it shows you have backed up your claims and you know your stuff!

My invitation to you:

Find a headline  or title you are working on and rewrite it using some of these words and concepts.  Share your before and after below in the comments.  We can all discover from each other this way!



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Through her own wisdom from life and professional experience of over 30 years, she has helped thousands of people internationally and online as a business mentor, consultant, counselor, facilitator and author. She’s owned five small businesses as well as her present venture, Kaya says, “If I can grow a successful business, you can too. You just need the system to follow and the commitment to make it happen.”

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