Katana’s interview with change agent, branding expert and President & CEO of The Community House, Camille Jayne.

Join us as we’ll discuss:


  • Expert secrets to the strategic planning process
  • How to create innovative ideas to break apart from the competition
  • Personal Branding tips which are critical to your success

Camille Jayne is a well-known and successful businesswoman, having been one of the less than 3% of women CEOs of a U.S. public company. She has an excellent reputation in business and on Wall Street. She is a strategic visionary and inspirational leader, who understands how to quickly propel businesses to profitable and sustained success. She is well known as a dynamic and entertaining public speaker on the educational and business lecture circuits. Former Chairman & CEO Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC). Acting CEO Specialized Marketing Services. Chief Management Consultant for J. D. Power III (founder JD Power & Associates)

To learn more about Camille Jayne visit: www.tchserves.org


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