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Springtime Brings Hay Fever! (Part III)

Panchakarma is your best preventative medicine you can do- whether you do it at home or have someone else do it.  To prepare for panchakarma, do a cleanse. You want to make sure that you’re doing a nice clean out as you’re doing the panchakarma, too. Juicing is one of...

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Why Women Fear They Will Run Out of Money

If you’re a woman, odds are you’re going to live longer than the average man. Life expectancy has skyrocketed over the past century for everyone, going up, on average, 30 years—but women clearly hold the biological advantage when it comes to longevity.  By age 85,...

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Healthy Nutrition for Hormones and the Brain

What does your nutrition have to do with your hormones and brains?  The answer is “A LOT.”  Here is a three step plan which will make a huge change in your hormone and brain function.  First of all, eat fats—lots of them. We have been sold a low-fat diet for health...

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“The Money Anxiety Cure” with Koorosh Ostowari

Katana's interview with Dharma Leader and best-selling author of The Money Anxiety Cure, KOOROSH OSTOWARI. Some of the topics Koorosh and Katana will discuss include: How to train your brain to overcome money anxiety. How to have fun with the journey to financial...

“Playing the Woman Card – Effectively” with Anne Doyle

Katana's interview with Global Speaker & Author of POWERING UP! How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders, ANNE DOYLE. Some of the topics Anne and Katana will discuss include: Why examples of female SHEroes are essential in overcoming gender bias. Gender & Power in...

“Escape the Debt Trap” with Robin Thompson

Listen now to Katana's interview with money coach, speaker, author, and founder of Budget Wise Consulting, ROBIN THOMPSON. Don't miss Robin and Katana as they discuss: Uncovering how unchecked emotions can lead to debt. Helpful strategies to transform your debt into...

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